Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am constantly learning that life is short, today I felt I needed to acknowledge it. So, I took Griffin to the local coffee shop for breakfast and brought him to daycare late. I love dates with my little man. Griffin was picking out a table and talking to one of the coffee shop employees while I was paying for our breakfast.

I turn to look, and the employee that was talking to Griffin was walking up to me with a big smile on her face. "So, I hear he is going to be a big brother! Congratulations!"

Oh dear. I am not pregnant, I am SO not pregnant. Then it dawned on me that, yes, he IS going to be a big brother! So, I did what every expecting mother does: "Thank you!" Followed by a cheerful: "Oh, I'm not pregnant, we're adopting." Adopt. It's such a nice word. It warms people's hearts. The coffee shop lady definitely had a warm heart.

Enter coffee drinker on the left, "Oh, how exciting, you are adopting! Congratulations!"

So, there I was. An expecting mother, celebrating with strangers. I'm expecting, and my sweet boy gave me a moment to enjoy it publicly. No baby bump, but people still celebrated with me, for me. All because of my little man and his gift of gab. What a gift.

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