Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turning Junk into a Blessing

We've been slowing doing some spring cleaning and purging things we don't need for a great cause! We're having a "junk = blessing" garage sale some time in May at a friend's house. Jamie prepped an area downstairs and we've started filling it with boxes and boxes of "junk" that we are hoping to turn into dollars that we can apply to our family building expenses. I got the idea when I visited an adoption website and it looked like so much fun--the photos of the garage sale showed their friends helping them with the sale...and quite honestly through this all, I am looking for a little fun! I also met with another friend that adopted and she, too, had a sale and said it was uplifting and helpful. So, done deal, we're doing it!
Once we get a date finalized, we'll let some of our friends know that if they have any items they are planning on getting rid of, we'll happily add them to the sale. We've already had a friend drop off a box of stuff as a contribution!
I love garage sales, but don't really enjoy getting ready for them. However, this time Jamie and I are both having a lot more fun with it. And, we are purging much more than we have before!
Before the sale I plan to go through all of Griffin's baby clothes. I think it will be good to downsize some of it and just keep the things that we really liked and are in great condition. We must have 15 tubs of clothes downstairs--EEK!!!

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