Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Relief! But, what now??

Our Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) called tonight (I admire him so much, frequently his calls are at night and on the weekend--he's tries to catch me when I am not at work and can talk openly for as long as I want). Good news! The barrage of tests I had about a week and a half ago were NEGATIVE! No Lupus, no Rheumatoid Arthristis, no blood clotting disorders! I know if we found out bad news, our life would have switched from goals of family building to goals of maintaining my health for as long as possible. So, yeah!

BUT...that means we don't know why we lost our precious baby boy.

Maybe we are closer to an answer? Maybe we will never get the answer?

Our RE had a few suggestions for "next time". And he recommends a next time.

We'll see.

P.S. Tonight Griffin said, "Mom, there were two babies in..." and I started to cringe fearing he'd say "your belly". Instead, he finished the sentence with "....Nonna's tummy". "Yes, Griffin, that's right, Nonna had Uncle Chris and me in her belly." [Sigh of relief.] Sometimes I have to put life into perspective and realize it's not all about me. :)

Cheers to good test results, and to red wine with dinner!

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